Chipotle Shrimp With Tomato Corn Salsa (Deb Lindsey/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Because August is Top Tomato contest time, we weren’t surprised that three of the top five most-viewed Food section recipes online are tomato-related.

1. M&M Bars . Is dessert maven Mary Lee Montfort’s easy, retro cookie recipe going to become a bigger hit than Georgetown Cupcake’s Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes? Time will tell.

2. Chipotle Shrimp With Tomato Corn Salsa . The winning contest recipe, from Barbara Brynelson of Rockville.

3. Cheese-Baked Egg-Stuffed Tomatoes . A breakfast, brunch or dinner dish, ready in 35 minutes.

4. Chicken Stir-Fry With Mango and Peanut Sauce . A crunchy, colorful Dinner in Minutes.

5. Tomato and Smoked Salmon Pasta . A Top Tomato finalist, from Mehan Dossani of Alexandria.