It may be 80 degrees and sunny outside, but fall is in the air. (And in our coffee cups. And in your dog biscuits.) Let's shift gears from pumpkin spice everything — just for a minute! — and talk about apple desserts. Here are a few picks from our Recipe Finder. Check back for more seasonal delights in the coming weeks.

Salty Cinnamon Apple Ice Cream, pictured above. Because it's 80 degrees outside but you still want to taste some fall flavors.

Dorie Greenspan's Fall-in-the-Air Baked Apples. This pantry-friendly recipe uses Biscoff or Speculoos cookies in the filling. (If those aren't in your pantry, get them there pronto!)

Apple Cider Caramels. Use unfiltered apple cider here (the kind that's starting to pop up at local farmers markets, or with the fresh pressed juices at some supermarkets).

Apple-Ginger Phyllo Turnovers. Store-bought phyllo dough means these individual apple pies are a snap to make. (They're also healthful, but you don't have to tell anyone that.)

Maggie Austin's Apple Bread. Easy to assemble; the recipe makes two loaves, so you can give one to a friend or neighbor.

Dorie Greenspan's Custardy Apple Squares. It's a nearly foolproof recipe. Even better, it's customizable — vary the spices, use pears or firm mangoes, make it your own.