The following review appears in The Washington Post’s 2016 Fall Dining Guide.

Sweet potato pecan pie with bourbon is a favorite of President Obama’s and Oprah’s. (Dayna Smith/For the Washington Post)

Red Truck Bakery


News flash: Tiny Marshall, Va., has become a food destination. Have you been to the Whole Ox for a burger or Field & Main for anything? Paving the way was Red Truck Bakery, created by art-director-turned-entrepreneur Brian Noyes. My recipe for success here includes buying a cake (apple with maple glaze in autumn) or a pie. Like President Obama and Oprah, I’m a fan of the bourbon-laced sweet potato-pecan pie. Less pleasing are the big, overly sweet cookies, especially the birdseed cookie that takes its name a little too literally. All’s forgiven with cinnamon ice cream produced by Moo Thru in nearby Remington and swirled with Red Truck’s grade-A granola. Caution: One pint leads to another.

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2 stars

Red Truck Bakery: 8366 W. Main St., Marshall, Va. 540-364-2253.

Prices: Cakes and pies $18-$26.

Sound check: 65 decibels / Conversation is easy.