479 Degrees Popcorn is sold in several flavors. (Deb Lindsey/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

ESSENCE IN A JAR: The folks at Subarashii Kudamono have turned some of their fresh, Pennsylvania-grown Asian pears into a fragrant, deeply flavored spread. It pairs well with assertive cheeses and dried nuts; it also shines in baked goods as a fat substitute and serves as a rub for roast pork. Eight-ounce jar, $5.95; at www.wonderfulfruit.com.

DONE RIGHT: Okay, so you’re not always going to pop your own or stand in line at a food truck. Wrap your hands around 479 Degrees Popcorn, so named because founder Jean Arnold says she discovered that to be the optimal Farenheit temperature for cooking her company’s artisanal, organic popcorn. We found the flavors sophisticated and spot-on: fleur de sel caramel, ginger sesame, dark chocolate peppermint, pimenton de La Vera, white cheddar-black truffle among them. Four-ounce bag or gift box, $4 to $7; available at Dean & DeLuca in Georgetown (202-342-2500) and Annebeth’s in Annapolis (410-990-9700); also sold in box sets online at www.479popcorn.com.