The Rice Cube helps to form sushi and other foods. (Deb Lindsey/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

SQUARE DEAL: Shape up savory and sweet foods by subjecting them to the Rice Cube, invented by Australian patent attorney Ross Patten for an appearance on “MasterChef.” We successfully cubed couscous, brownies and even chilled compound butters. It provides an easy way for young hands to craft homemade sushi. The product’s Web site ( has recipes, tips and even a way to submit your own Rice Cube recipes. Dishwasher-safe; $19.99, available at all Strosniders Hardware stores.

LAYERED EFFECTS: The Five-Minute Stackable Appetizer Maker from Architec works along the same lines as the Rice Cube, with greater possibilities. You can layer any combination of foods, using the tamper tool as you go. Slits make slicing a breeze. The four-piece set is dishwasher safe and snaps together for easy storage. Available in black, blue and red; $19.99 at Home Rule in the District (202-797-5544), at all Strosniders Hardware stores and via, , and