A stuffed turkey breast is great for small Thanksgiving gatherings and as an alternative to roasting a second bird to feed a crowd. The Post's deputy Food editor Bonnie S. Benwick demonstrates how to bone a whole turkey breast and ready it for stuffing. (Jason Aldag, Julio C. Negron and Jayne W. Orenstein/The Washington Post)

Turkey Breast Stuffed With Pears, Fennel and Hazelnuts. (Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

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Q: Should I make an extra turkey breast? What if I like dark meat better?

A: When Even a dark-meat fan like me can appreciate the moist, tender yield of a bone-in turkey breast. They key is in choosing a cooking method that will do it justice. A turkey breast can be just the ticket for a small group as well as an alternative to roasting a second bird when you’re planning to feed a crowd. A real selling point: It can be done in advance.

Slow-cooker and slow-roasted approaches work well. Pluses and minuses for each include freed-up oven space and the sacrifice of crisped skin (the former); and foolproof results and a day of prep time in the refrigerator (for the latter).

Stuffing the breast was my method of choice this year. No need to brine; there’s golden skin wrapped around each slice. The meat stays moist because it spends less time in the oven. Best of all, leftovers come complete with stuffing; all you have to do is add cranberry sauce to make a classic sandwich.

The hitch: You have to bone the breast, but that’s not hard to do. . And here’s a tip: If you go the stuffing route, order a bone-in breast from a producer at the farmers market or from your favorite butcher. It will come with a generous amount of skin, which will make it much easier to roll up and tie.

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