Weekend staff writer Maura Judkis’s story on the gentrification of mumbo sauce, Washington’s famous condiment, sent cooks to their pantries in July, making the article’s three accompanying recipes a major part of last month’s most-viewed in our online Recipe Finder.

1. Flaky Cream Cheese Pie Crust. When high season of summer fruit inspires you to bake, start with this classic from Rose Levy Beranbaum.

2. Almost Capital City Mumbo Sauce. Capital City Mumbo Sauce would not divulge the recipe for its popular accompaniment for wings, but this is the next best thing, says co-owner Arsha Jones.

3. Hamilton Mumbo Sauce. A hit with the Hamilton kitchen staff, then served at the white-tablecloth restaurant downtown.

4. Fat Shorty’s Mumbo Sauce. D.C. Central Kitchen cooks up batches of this spicy version, which its creator, chef Rahman “Rock” Harper, calls “the Sriracha of the DMV.”

5. Lightened-Up Raspberry Soft-Serve. Ninety-seven calories and zero fat in this healthful, blended treat from local master certified health education specialist Elaine Gordon.