Blueberry Cake Squares: for snack or dessert. (Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post)

First of an occasional baking series

Embedding summer berries in a creamy cake batter creates little fruity pockets and, along the way, a nifty cake for serving as dessert, with mid-afternoon iced tea or coffee or as a casual treat.

The operative word, for me, is “treat” — a fun thing to make, have on hand and enjoy.

The description fits my Blueberry Cake Squares, the first feature in this series of all kinds of goodies, sweet and savory, from my baking hands to yours. The seasonal recipes will accentuate all that’s approachable, with a view toward simplicity rather than elaborate techniques and lengthy methods. I shall, nevertheless, explore interesting flavor and texture combinations — and, perhaps, suggest an ingredient that might be new to you or used in an unusual way. Fancy decorating skills will not be a requirement.

So get those mixing bowls ready, and follow along.

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