Fruit Bars: The no-bake dough is pressed into a loaf pan, then chilled and sliced. (Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post)

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Handmade fruit bars, created with a selection of dried fruit and an assortment of other elements, are a flavorful item to add to your no-bake repertoire.

The key to a tasty result is to use a variety of sticky dried fruit, nuts and seeds; integrating a little coconut oil helps to bind the mixture, while a good splosh of vanilla extract rounds out and deepens the flavor.

Once pasty (honestly, that condition is the ideal) and pressed into a loaf pan, the confection is refrigerated until firm and easy to slice. If you like, a generous sprinkle of additional coconut flakes, nuts and/or seeds can be pressed right on the top of the loaf just before chilling.

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