(Mattias Lundin)

With Valentine’s Day in our sights, we profess our passions for the food, appliances and other things we hold dear:

Jim Webster on carbs: “I don’t understand why every time I pick up a new fad diet book, it tells me how you’re bad for me. That I should give you up. Cold turkey, just not on a sandwich.”

Bonnie Benwick on her glass-door fridge: “You, True Model TS-49, had me at adjustable vinyl-coated wire shelves.”

Jane Touzalin on butter: “It was a youthful passion, strong and true. And in a story as old as the hills, my father tried to break us up: me and my first love.”

Joe Yonan on beets: “Let’s be honest: I find you gorgeous, but not everybody does. You’ve suffered more than your share of insults and abuse, and this is obviously not your first trip to the roasting pan.”

Becky Krystal on a treasured drinking glass: “When I drink from it, I am engaging in a familiar ritual that ties me to the place I’ve long since left.”

Tim Carman on his backyard smoker: “The truth is, ours is not a balanced relationship. I hold all the power, the congressman to the intern.”

Jane Black on an eye-opening dessert: “So revered was the dish to me that it seemed arrogant to think that I could make one, the equivalent of setting out to paint a Picasso.”

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