Mom, here’s to you.

That’s the message of this week’s special offering from Food: eight remembrances of our moms and the foods they cooked for us and others. Becky Krystal , Bonnie S. Benwick , Tim Carman , Adrian Miller , Kara Elder , Emily Codik , Joe Yonan and yours truly share our stories — and recipes — for this Mother’s Day.

Got a memory of your own you’d like to share? Today’s Free Range chat is just the place to do that. As usual, it starts at noon, and as usual, feel free to bring us all your culinary questions and concerns. At the end of the hour, I’ll scoop up the leftover questions so I can answer one of them in this space next week. Like I’m doing with this question from last week’s chat:

Do you know if any of the local culinary instututes (Lincoln Institute in Columbia; L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, e.g.) are open to the public to try out meals produced by students? I thought that would be a fun thing to try.

How close are you to Rosslyn? I’m hoping others will pitch in here if they know of any others, but it looks like your best bet is Culinaire, a restaurant run by students in the Art Institute of Washington’s culinary program that’s open a few days a week, a few hours at a time.

As to the two schools you mentioned, the Lincoln Institute doesn’t offer any opportunities like the one you’re looking for. However, there’s a possibility of snagging student food at L’Academie de Cuisine. Campus Director Ann Connors says the school occasionally holds “restaurant challenges” in which students cook three-course meals for 80 to 100 people over the course of three hours. “It’s an exercise for the students,” who invite relatives and friends, she said. If space permits, members of the general public could come: “They would just have to give us a call, and we can put them on our list.” The number is 301-670-8670. The meals are free.

They aren’t free at Culinaire, but I’m looking at three menus — lunch, dessert and carryout — that seem reasonably priced. (Texas smoked beef brisket, corn bread stuffing, frijoles a la charra, greens; $10.) The restaurant is inside the Art Institute of Washington, which is in Arlington’s Rosslyn neighborhood, and is open Tuesdays through Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Director of Admissions Linda Moore says it’s sometimes also open for dinner, based on the schedule of classes in any given quarter. Menus change every quarter. To make a reservation, and for more information, call 703-247-3841.