New use for an old standby: Ratatouille in Tomato Crepes. (Deb Lindsey/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Summertime, and the cooking is easy. Especially for those of us who eat lots of vegetables and prefer buying them locally and in season, now is when choices abound, and the hardest part might be deciding which way to go.

The old standbys always come in handy. When tomatoes overflow, I make gazpacho. When corn and fresh shell beans are in the bag, it’s succotash. And when eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers converge, ratatouille is on the menu. I eat it hot over pasta or rice and cold in salads. I pile it onto bruschetta. I puree it into soup.

And then I wonder: What else can I do with it? I found an idea in “Vegetables Please” (DK), a new cookbook by Carolyn Humphries. She suggests adding a little tomato paste to a batter, making crepes and rolling them around ratatouille. But of course! When I tried the recipe, I had a little more filling than could fit comfortably into the wrappers, but that just meant I had something to spoon on top of them, too.

It was summer, inside and out.