Poblano peppers are a favorite in WaPo Food kitchens — they're not too spicy, not too mild and add something special with their own unique flavor. Here are a few ways to maximize their potential, from our Recipe Finder.

El Rey Nachos, pictured above. Roasted poblano peppers add an irresistible kick to the cheese sauce. (Leftovers of the sauce, by the way, are great stirred into baked mac and cheese.)

Everybody's Chili Verde. Rich and satisfying (and healthful, and vegan, too!).

Roasted Chiles Rellenos With Avocado Sauce. Poblanos are good candidates for stuffing; here, they're filled with a mix of vegetables and drizzled with a creamy sauce.

Chicken Picadillo-Stuffed Poblanos. Filled with a mix of ground chicken, yellow bell pepper, green olives, raisins and spices. The entire thing can be prepped in advance.

Chicken and Tortilla Aztec Casserole (Cazuela Azteca), above left. Warm and comforting.

Poblano, Bacon and Cheddar Skillet Corn Bread, above right. The bacon and poblano add nice pockets of texture.

Chicken With Black Beans, Spices and Sweet Potatoes. A one-pot stew that's ready in about an hour, start to finish.

The Commodore's Poblano Cheese Sandwiches. The vibe of pimento cheese, made spicier with a roasted poblano pepper.