Certain cuts of Chapel Hill Farm Randall Lineback meat are sold at retail at the Butcher’s Block and, after the first of the year, at Society Fair, both in Old Town Alexandria.

The Butcher’s Block, 1600 King St., Alexandria, 703-894-5253: According to store manager Pamela Doherty, the shop receives from one to three calves per month from Chapel Hill Farm. The meat is butchered and split between the Butcher’s Block and its neighboring restaurants, the Tasting Room and Brabo. The offal and some cuts go to the market, but because a whole animal has a finite number of parts, certain cuts might not be available. Call ahead; if they have what you want, reserve it. If they don’t, make a request a week in advance, if possible. Meatballs are usually available. Prices range from $8 per pound (offal) to $18 per pound (rib-eye).

Society Fair, 277 S. Washington St., Alexandria, 703-683-3247: Chef Cathal Armstrong plans to order one whole Randall Lineback a week to be butchered and sold at Society Fair, the “lifestyle food market” scheduled to open soon after Jan. 1. For orders or inquiries before then, contact General Manager Robbie Shinn via e-mail at Robbie@societyfair.net.

Prices range from $8.50 per pound (ground meat, head cheese) to $22 per pound (boneless loin).

Don’t forget to ask about the stunning Rorschach-like Randall Lineback hides (with distinctive white swaths running down the centers of their backs) that are on display at Society Fair. They are available for purchase as hides or framed.