Serving any cut of lamb this year will set consumers back a pretty penny. Craig Rogers of Border Springs Farm says retail prices are 21 / 2 times what they were at this time last year, due to last year’s drought in New Zealand, floods in Australia and an unusually strong seasonal surge in demand in the ethnic market. Butcher Pam Ginsberg at Wagshal’s Market in Spring Valley calls 2011 prices are “crazy.”

Certain cuts of Border Springs lamb are sold through EcoFriendly Farms at the FreshFarm Market at Dupont Circle on Sundays. To order directly from Border Springs ($200 minimum order, plus shipping: FedEx Ground of $30 for frozen and $30 plus cooler for fresh product), contact Craig Rogers at 276-952-5485 or at

A sampler of his prices:

Whole animal. $400 (typically a 40-pound carcass). Custom cut list typically includes: 1 neck; 2 racks; 31 / 2 to 4 pounds of 11 / 4-inch-thick thick loin chops; 2 legs (1 boneless, 1 bone-in); 1-inch-thick shoulder chops; 4 shanks; ribs, belly and trimmings as ground meat.

Half animal. $200, custom-cut (half of the order above) .

Parts. Neck, $9; shoulder chops, $12; loin saddle or chops, $19; rack, $19; bone-in leg, $13, boneless, $16; shank, $9; riblets or breast, $9; liver/kidneys, $5.

These Washington area restaurants serve Border Springs lamb: Bourbon Steak, 1789, Eola, Westend Bistro, Bibiana, Zaytinya, BLT Steak, Cafe Atlantico, Johnny’s Half Shell, Taqueria Nacional, Ardeo-Bardeo, Good Stuff Eatery, We the Pizza, the Oval Room.