We thought getting older was going to be easier. The hardest days of raising kids and building a career were over, and we could start relaxing. Well, consider our expectations defied.

We’re Vicky, 64, and Suzette, 55, visual journalists here at The Post. Vicky is married, has four grown children and lives in a house in suburban Virginia; Suzette is widowed, has two adult children and lives in a small apartment in Washington, D.C. Every day, we find ourselves talking about the speed bumps that trip us up as we get older and the paths we found over them.

What can I learn from my younger boss and colleagues, and what can they learn from me? How do I manage my grief? How do I find joy? And why in the world am I getting so many scammy emails?

Those conversations and questions, and the tried-and-true tips we exchanged, are the basis for our new 12-week newsletter series, Bold School. Bold School aims to nourish, educate, inform and stimulate you, all while helping you save time and money. Younger generations seem to navigate this rapidly changing world so deftly. By collecting and sharing knowledge and wisdom, we can, too.

In Bold School, we’ll share our experiences of life after 50, and offer advice for approaching this chapter with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Every Monday for 12 weeks, we’ll send you our take on a challenge unique to this phase in life, as well as a reading list full of smart reporting on the topic, a little “homework” assignment to help you put what you learn into practice, and a chance for you to share your own experience. On Fridays, we’ll send you the best responses from our readers — be that advice, complaints or questions. Class participation counts!

You can sign up at any time and receive Lesson 1 of Bold School the following Monday. See you then!