Keep these rude, aggressive plants out of your garden

These plants aren’t necessarily defined as invasive but may be just as undesirable because they overtake everything else.

By Tovah MartinMarch 29, 2023

How to make over your laundry room — whether you have $300 or $3,000

Homeowners share clever laundry room upgrades, in a range of budgets, that have made doing the wash much less of a drag.

By Annie Midori AthertonMarch 29, 2023

Coupons are becoming relics. Here are 12 other ways to save.

Top couponers and savings experts share their best tips on how to score a bargain.

By Laura DailyMarch 28, 2023

How ‘live, laugh, love’ and Rae Dunn took over American homes

Consumers love decorating with words (throw pillows that say “dream," signs that say “gather"). Rae Dunn pottery is the latest craze. Why are we so obsessed?

By Courtney VinopalMarch 28, 2023
The Home You OwnPerspective

How to make shower tile less slippery

Slippery shower floors are a huge issue. Possible solutions include different types of mats, grip tape, and coatings and etching products.

By Jeanne HuberMarch 24, 2023

How to find mid-century modern stuff? Answers to thrifting questions.

Thrifting experts Allison Engel and Reise Moore answer your questions

By Jura KonciusMarch 23, 2023

Plastics have infiltrated our homes. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Reduce the amount of plastic you're putting into landfills and waterways by making smarter choices about toiletries, laundry, clothing and furniture.

By Jerica PenderMarch 23, 2023

How gardening can sharpen your power of attention

Gardening’s practical health benefits are well known. But less is shared about the way that developing "gardener's eyes" can reshape what you notice.

By Catie MarronMarch 22, 2023

5 colorful DIY projects you can tackle with one gallon of paint

Looking for a quick way to add color to a room? Or to use up old paint samples? Try one of these easy DIY ideas.

By Kristin LunaMarch 22, 2023

Get easy decluttering tips and more with our new text message course

“Live Better with Little Effort” is a new (free!) course from The Washington Post, offering easy ways to upgrade your living space.

By Washington Post StaffMarch 21, 2023

12 things to know about wallpaper before you try it in your home

Insights from design pros, including the problem with darker colors, why you shouldn’t fear paste, and why peel-and-stick wallpaper isn't always easier.

By Jennifer BargerMarch 21, 2023

Having a wedding at home is special — but not always easy or cheap

Wedding planners and couples who got married in their backyards share what it takes to transform a family home into a wedding venue.

By Hannah HollandMarch 20, 2023

How to remove gummy residue from hardwood floors

What is the best way to remove sticky residue from a nonskid rug pad without damaging the finish of the floors?

By Jeanne HuberMarch 17, 2023
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How do you clean a glass shower door? Your questions answered.

Caroline Utz of The Spruce joins Jura Koncius to talk about cleaning kitchens and baths.

By Jura KonciusMarch 16, 2023

Whimsical, funny, vulgar: A brief history of the garden gnome

What have become known as garden gnomes in the States and England can be traced to dwarf statues that originated in Germany around the early 19th century.

By Nevin MartellMarch 16, 2023

Want to become a birder? Start in your own yard.

Birdwatching at home is a powerful way to learn about your local ecosystem. Here’s how to attract a variety of species and identify their behaviors.

By Scott KirkwoodMarch 16, 2023

How to make your home smell better without harmful chemicals

We asked three cleaning and design experts to share their favorite natural candles, plant-based sprays and essential oil diffusers.

By Lindsey M. RobertsMarch 15, 2023

Time for new gutters? Here’s what to look for.

Gutters are an essential part of protecting your home from water damage. But they don't last forever.

By Laura DailyMarch 14, 2023

Why it’s best to replace, not repair, damaged composite deck boards

Patches and fillers won't adhere to the plastic in composite deck boards. Here's what to do instead.

By Jeanne HuberMarch 10, 2023
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How to replant tulips and mulch madness. Your garden questions answered.

Viveka Neveln of Better Homes & Gardens joins Jura Koncius for a chat on how to prepare your garden for spring.

By Jura KonciusMarch 9, 2023