10 easy (or free!) ways to boost your home value

Experts, including real estate agents and home appraisers, share easy, inexpensive ways to add value to your home.

By Rachel KurziusSeptember 28, 2022

‘We build each other up’: Carpentry classes for and by women

At a handful of small carpentry schools around the country, women are teaching other women skills that many of us missed out on, somehow.

By Kerry SheridanSeptember 28, 2022

Most don’t read the fine print. Here’s what to look for before buying.

There is important information buried in that fine print on containers, labels and web posts, much of it in coded language without specific details.

By Laura DailySeptember 27, 2022

6 things you need to do the day after a basement flood

If your basement floods, act quickly to mop up water and repair damage caused by clogged drains, faulty sump pumps or backed-up gutters.

By Jura KonciusSeptember 26, 2022

You cut down the crape myrtle. Now how do you stop the suckers?

Keep snipping away or use a herbicide.

By Jeanne HuberSeptember 26, 2022

Considering an electric vehicle? Here’s how to prep your home for one.

How to prepare your home for an electric vehicle, including what it takes to install an EV charger, how much it costs, and when it's not possible.

By Rachel KurziusSeptember 26, 2022
Home & DesignPerspective

Need cool-weather plants to amp up fall curb appeal? An expert gave tips.

Debra Prinzing, producer of SlowFlowers.com, and Jura Koncius discussed the options for cool-weather plants to beautify your outdoor space this fall.

By Jura KonciusSeptember 22, 2022

A once-obscure type of beekeeping could help save colonies

"Darwinian beekeeping" is becoming more popular as hobbyists seek to help honeybees help themselves.

By Marissa HermansonSeptember 21, 2022

Plants (beyond pansies) that will thrive in cooler weather

Planting cold-tolerant foliage in your beds or containers can add months of color and interest to your outdoor space.

By Ashley AbramsonSeptember 20, 2022

What are the options for replacing a polycarbonate sunroom roof?

Tree limbs have damaged the surface, and leaf debris is trapped between the layers. What are the options for repairing (or replacing) it?

By Jeanne HuberSeptember 19, 2022
Home & DesignPerspective

Remodelista’s editors answered your questions about having a stylish, eco-conscious home

Remodelista editors Margot Guralnick and Fan Winston joined Jura Koncius to talk about creating a beautiful and stylish — and earth-friendly — home.

By Jura KonciusSeptember 15, 2022

Design pros share their favorite autumn-scented candles

Fall is the season for chili, fires, sweater-knit throws and, of course, candles. Here are six scents worth trying.

By Lindsey M. RobertsSeptember 15, 2022

In a small space, do you really need a dining table?

Some designers say a dining table is a must-have even in a small space, while others give ideas on how you can do without one.

By Sarah LyonSeptember 14, 2022

What to expect from your home inspection

Anyone buying a house, condo or townhouse should get a home inspection, which is an unbiased, noninvasive evaluation of a property.

By Laura DailySeptember 13, 2022

Have a discolored drain ring? The easiest fix might be replacing it.

You can try cleaning it, but you’ll probably get quicker, better results on a corroded tub or sink drain by installing a new ring and stopper.

By Jeanne HuberSeptember 12, 2022
Home & DesignPerspective

Want to have a greener home? An expert shared tips for every room.

Ida Magntorn joins Jura Koncius to talk about how to live greener at home.

By Jura KonciusSeptember 8, 2022

Yes, you can thrift for your home while on the road. Here’s how.

Secondhand-shopping enthusiasts share their top tips for locating and transporting treasures, big and small.

By Sarah LyonSeptember 8, 2022

How to make a big splash with a small garden

You can make big dreams happen in a small outdoor space with the right plant choices, artful design and just a little creativity.

By Nevin MartellSeptember 7, 2022

How to find a best-in-show pet grooming service

Consistent grooming improves hygiene and means your pet will be periodically inspected by someone who can spot potential health problems.

By Kevin BraslerSeptember 6, 2022

What to do about a carpenter bee infestation

Try targeted pesticides or a trap.

By Jeanne HuberSeptember 6, 2022