Coastal Living’s editor gave tips to get that beachy look at home

Coastal Living editor Jessica Thuston joined Jura Koncius for a live Q&A about beachy decor, coastal grandmothers and more.

By Jura KonciusJune 30, 2022

5 DIY projects that are perfect for beginners

Whether it's painting an accent wall or replacing a shower head, here's what to know before tackling your first DIY project.

By Daniel BortzJune 30, 2022

Grass is a water hog. Here’s how to create a drought-tolerant yard.

Eleven steps to transition your yard (or portions of it) to a drought-friendlier — but still inviting — space.

By Laura DailyJune 29, 2022

Tips for making your rental home more energy-efficient

There are simple, inexpensive ways to reduce energy use in your home, helping the environment and probably saving you money on your utility bills.

By Mimi MontgomeryJune 28, 2022

How to install floating shelves

Find the studs in the wall, then focus on proper alignment.

By Jeanne HuberJune 27, 2022

An Ikea hacks expert took questions about getting a custom look on a budget

Ikea hacks expert Lotta Lundaas joined Jura Koncius for a live chat about how to give your furniture a more custom look.

By Jura KonciusJune 23, 2022

Design pros share their favorite outdoor lights

We asked three design experts to recommend outdoor table lamps, string lights and sconces that will elevate any outdoor entertaining space.

By Lindsey M. RobertsJune 23, 2022

How to find art that fits your home — but won’t break your budget

You want to collect pieces that will be relevant for many years and that you won’t grow tired of. Where do you start? And how do you know what or where to buy?

By Marissa HermansonJune 22, 2022

The best indoor and outdoor plants for summer, according to pros

Whether you want to carve out a backyard garden or add natural touches to your work-from-home nook, ‘tis the season to invite plants into your life.

By Sarah LyonJune 21, 2022

How to soundproof walls in a townhouse

Insulation isn’t enough. Adding a second wall between the units makes the difference.

By Jeanne HuberJune 20, 2022

A therapist took questions on letting go of guilt around housekeeping

Jura Koncius and K. C. Davis discussed how to stay sane while housekeeping.

By Jura KonciusJune 16, 2022

How to make room for a baby when you don’t have space for a nursery

If you've been pondering ways to add a nursery corner to your bedroom but aren't sure where to start, we have you covered.

By Vaishnavi Nayel TalawadekarJune 16, 2022

Designer Jonathan Adler on how to find your decorating style

We spoke with potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler about color, style, minimalism vs. maximalism, and more.

By Jura KonciusJune 15, 2022

How to clean a greasy range hood

Hot water and soap should do the trick — and don’t forget the filters.

By Jeanne HuberJune 13, 2022

A garden designer took questions about creating inviting outdoor spaces

Carmen Johnston and Jura Koncius answered your questions about creating an inviting garden where you can entertain guests.

By Jura KonciusJune 9, 2022

Raised beds can take a garden to the next level. Here’s what to know.

Experts share five factors to consider when choosing raised-bed kits — and four options they recommend.

By Nevin MartellJune 8, 2022

How to find soft, absorbent towels that will last for years

As with cooking, the secret to a great towel lies in having high-quality ingredients. Here's how to know what you're buying — and whether it will last.

By Laura DailyJune 7, 2022

How to repair damaged shed siding

The bad parts can be replaced, but pay attention to the angle of the flashing.

By Jeanne HuberJune 6, 2022

Mister Manners answered your questions about wedding registries

Thomas Farley of Mister Manners and Jura Koncius answered your questions about wedding registries.

By Jura KonciusJune 2, 2022

Simple tips for creating a beautiful bookshelf

We spoke with three interior designers about the keys to achieving orderly, artful and well-balanced shelves in the time it takes to watch an episode of “Bridgerton.”

By Sarah LyonJune 2, 2022