Pest control that targets mosquitoes, flies and other bothersome insects is effective and easy to do yourself.

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Maxwell Ryan joins The Washington Post to talk about maximizing small spaces.

Instead of relying on azaleas, bulbs and other standards, gardeners would do well to include native plants such as bluebells, phlox, bellwort and more.

Before improving your home or making a big purchase, consider how it could affect your homeowners insurance needs.

There are lots of options. Try painting, covering it with veneer, adding carpet — or replacing the tread.

Join Jura Koncius and Charlotte Moss for a chat on ideas on arranging beautiful flowers.

Designer Mariella Cruzado shares her picks for shelving, laundry and more.

Forget the fancy furniture, structured patios and pools that dominate American landscapes. For Carolyn Mullet, the most important elements in any garden are the plants.

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Whether you’re filing online or by mail, there are steps you can take to streamline the process.

For doors made with thermofoil, options include painting, getting new foil or replacing the doors.

Join Jura Koncius and Mina Starsiak Hawk to chat about childproofing without sacrificing style.

We asked designers for tips to navigate all the options.

A richly planted garden could be a lifeline for pollinators threatened by habitat loss, pesticides and climate change.

Many people are turning away from the safe and ubiquitous color in favor of bolder, more saturated hues.

Pest control that targets mosquitoes, flies and other bothersome insects is effective and easy to do yourself.

It will help, but other measures will be needed to supplement it.

Baltimore plant stylist Hilton Carter and Jura Koncius chat about creating a "wild" interior with plants.

The Facebook groups started as a way to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. But they’ve had some growing pains.

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Don’t just plant the odd tree or bush. Consider a comprehensive, multilayered plant-rich makeover.

Experts share advice on how to determine which type best suits your needs, and how to get the most out of your vacuum for years to come.

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Wood glue probably won’t work. Replace the board or fill the gap with epoxy.

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