You don’t have to throw the party your parents (or grandparents) did. This is your show.

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Consider painting your door, using natural elements or going bold to make your home’s exterior extra welcoming.

  • Lindsey M. Roberts
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Here’s how to put a well-appointed bar cart together.

If the mold is still growing, stripping and repainting is the solution.

Designer Jay Jeffers will answer questions on holiday decorating.

What can stay outside, what should come in and what isn’t meant to last.

  • Bill Kent
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Trying to avoid the mall and big online retailers? There are plenty of uncrowded alternative spots for finding unusual last-minute holiday gifts.

Light therapy, aromatherapy, decluttering and other things you can do to combat the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

  • Mariette Williams
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Adding insulation can keep a home more comfortable in both the winter and the summer.

Instead of going wall-to-wall with themed decor, interior designers and parents are looking for practical, stylish options that will evolve as children get older.

  • Christina Sturdivant Sani
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Make a plan so you can focus on the warmth and beauty of the season, rather than the broken lights and stress.

The back-and-forth over Michael Moffa's early holiday display in Tampa has received national attention, including from Mariah Carey, and rekindled a long-standing question: How early is too early to put up your Christmas lights?

If the area affected is smaller than about 10 square feet, you can probably handle the job yourself with some simple measures.

Celebrations consultant Darcy Miller will take questions about entertaining — during the holidays and throughout the year.

We asked home improvement and real estate experts for advice about how to spend a $20,000 remodeling budget wisely.

  • Michele Lerner
  • ·

The top materials that can withstand scratches, odors and stains from pets.

  • Ashley Abramson
  • ·

It's natural for plants to attract insects. Here's how to tame them.

The outlook for your household energy bill this year isn't good. But there are lots of low- and no-cost actions you can take now to ease the pain.

One question: Are there discounts for the time of year or time in the month, for senior citizens, AARP members or members of the military?

  • Michele Lerner
  • ·

Here’s how to find a reliable and skilled interior designer, and how to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

  • Ashley Abramson
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Some suggestions on home improvement projects you can tackle yourself.

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