Donna Monacci wants to update her daughter’s old playroom to make it fit for a teen. (Leah L. Jones/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

“It’s time to update my daughter’s old playroom,” wrote Donna Monacci of Fairfax. The Monaccis want quarters fit for a teen queen, with a place for table tennis, darts and cozy conversation. The hitch? Breaking up the 21-by-19 space.


By adding family cheering stations and a cork wall for darts, designer Shanon Munn breathes new life into a dull basement.

Freshen a dull basement with color. Green paint, pink drapes and white wall flowers make the room feel like an outdoor playground.

Build a functional game room. Flor tiles create a dart-throwing lane and pub tables and chairs form a section for family cheering.

The Monaccis

Stop damage ahead of time. Protect the dart board’s wall with cork. Then, cover it with patterned wallpaper to disguise the holes.

Give furniture new purpose. A stool can be reinvented as an end table.

Use accessories to tie together patterns and colors. A round throw pillow, patterned stool and colorful dart board keep the decor consistent.

Think outside the box and invest in a transitional statement piece. This chair’s modern design will last through future renovations.

Dress up even small windows. Adding a

mirror will create the illusion of light and depth.

Munn, of Ambi Design Studio (703-597-8401,,

is based in McLean.


Furniture: Director’s chairs in latte ($50)

with plum covers (no longer available) (; Cafe table ($98,; Monarch Butterfly console table ($289,; Cushy Lounge sectional ($1,250 total with base,

Accessories: Parallel Reality Flor carpet tiles in burgundy ($11.99 per tile,; Coco stool in pink ($88,; Dream Wish Forever organic pillow cover ($29,; Nolan 20-inch pillow in jade ($25,; crewel striped pillow ($38,; Eclipse Kids’ twill thermaweave black-out panel ($20-$30,

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