A wreath hangs in the dining room of Christy Ford’s home. (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Shop owner Christy Ford shares her method for achieving a natural and festive, no-fuss holiday look in her home. “There’s no need to go frou-frou,” she says. “I usually just use fruit and greens.”

Select a color scheme. To keep things easy and cohesive, Ford picks a few colors each year and sticks with them throughout the house. Her favorite, blue, is usually part of the mix; this year she also chose orange and green. Keep your home’s decor in mind when picking your holiday colors. The trio of shades Ford used works especially well against the backdrop of her neutral color palette.

Look to nature.“Go outside and start cutting,” says Ford, whose family enjoys hiking on trails near their house and using their natural finds, such as branches, leaves, moss and rocks to decorate indoors.

Go to the grocery store. One of the first things Ford does each season is head to her local grocery to load up on seasonal fruits, such as clementines, kumquats, baby pears and pomegranates. “Put them in bowls you already have out day to day,” she says, “or pull out pieces you don’t typically use, like your nice china.”

Pick up fresh greens and flowers. Whether she cuts them from trees outside her home or buys them from a local shop, Ford likes to dress her mantels and tabletops with boxwood, beaded eucalyptus, magnolia and dusty miller leaves. Her flowers of choice for the holidays are white tulips, which she usually finds at Whole Foods. “I like the frostiness of the beaded eucalyptus,” she says, “and white tulips mixed with dusty miller.”

— Terri Sapienza

— Terri Sapienza