Curling up in bed with the brand new Ikea catalogue (in print or on a tablet) is one of the joys of summer. Today is the day the digital version launches; if you’re on the mailing list, your printed copy (one of 20 million being mailed) should be arriving next week.

Each year in late July, the Ikea faithful eagerly wait for the high-design, low-price brand to launch its new products. This year, those lounging under their duvets with their catalogues may be inspired to freshen up with one of 429 new products the company has introduced. The theme for the 2015 catalogue is “Where the Everyday Begins and Ends,” with a focus on the bedroom and bathroom, including storage and organization features.

For example, there is Hurdal, a handsome $399 pine linen cabinet stained in spruce green that looks like it was lifted out of a Swedish cottage. Or Silveran/Hamnviken, a one-door beadboard bathroom cabinet and ceramic sink that at $159 would make a great, inexpensive update for tiny bathrooms or powder rooms. Or Duken, a $199 steel queen bed frame with a padded headboard in a bold cotton print (reversible to white) that would go with almost any color sheets or walls.

According to Marty Marston, an Ikea spokeswoman, the theme is selected in conjunction with Ikea stores around the world. “We are constantly listening to our consumers and wanting to understand how people live their lives at home and what is important to them. The bedroom and bathroom areas are very important and are sometimes overlooked. We realized that this is an area where customers needed help with how they could make them better, more organized and more enjoyable.”

Marston said millennials and baby boomers both shaped a lot of the new designs: “Millennials are influencing design from their use of new technology and their need to he flexible. They move around a lot and are very mobile. Baby boomers are starting to downsize and starting to move from suburbia into an urban lifestyle. We see these trends across the world and are creating products for all of these situations.”

Marston also said that a new twist this year is a program of mini-collections of items that will be available for a limited time. “Like the fashion industry, we want to offer our customers small collections with different themes to add a spark of something to their homes on a regular basis,” she said. The first mini-collection is set to launch in October.

This week, Ikea also released a trend report of shifts in life at home that reflect the company philosophy. But the company prides itself on being true to its brand. As Eva Maria Rönnegårdan, an Ikea executive put it: “Just because people have less money, doesn’t mean they have smaller dreams.”

Our five favorites:

1. PS 2014 wardrobe

The Ikea PS 2014 wardrobe. Use with interchangeable plastic squares and design your own pattern. Or leave bare for the grid. (Ikea)

2. Hurdal linen cabinet

The Hurdal linen cabinet. This attractive pine storage cabinet has a spruce green stain and looks like it’s right out of a Swedish cottage. (Ikea)

3. Nordli 12-drawer chest

The Nordli 12-drawer chest. Lots of good storage here in a clean design. All the drawers help keep you organized. (Ikea)

4. Gunnern lockable cabinet

The Gunnern lockable cabinet. Keep your medications and other items locked away from kids (and nosy houseguests). (Ikea)

5. Vilasund/Marieby sofabed

The Vilasund/Marieby sofa bed. (Ikea)
How to get it:

If you’re not on the Ikea mailing list, here are ways you can get the 2015 catalogue:

In the mail: Request a copy at

Online: Check out the digital version at

On a mobile device: Download or update Ikea catalogue apps for smartphones and tablets.

In a store: Starting July 28, all Ikea stores in the United States will have a limited supply of print copies available.


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