Lydia Pelliccia and Craig Schumpert’s Mount Pleasant kitchen was carefully planned to reflect the way their family uses the space, which is for a lot more than just cooking and entertaining. Architect Carmel Greer carefully did her homework to come up with the perfect plan.

We asked Greer to come up with five questions you should ask yourself before you start a kitchen remodel.

1. What is your primary goal?

Whether it’s to allow more light in the house or to have a more open floor plan, make sure that the other smaller decisions don’t compromise your main goal.

2. How much of your kitchen would you like guests in another room to see?

If you prefer to hide dirty dishes in the kitchen, you may want to consider big pocket doors or some other mechanism for creating privacy.

3. Do you own any unusual items that need special storage?

Someone with many trays for entertaining may want multiple slender cabinets with tray dividers.

4. How do you envision using the kitchen, whether on a daily basis or for special occasions?

Consider whether you would prefer to cook facing guests at an island, or cook facing the other way. Envision the ideal spot to eat breakfast or for guests to congregate.

5. What is the quality of light in your kitchen?

The natural light available in the space will impact decisions including the placement of new windows and whether finishes are glossy or matte.

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