A photograph from Will Taylor's latest book, “Dream Decor.” "Gallery walls are a great way to add personality to a space," Taylor writes. (Andrew Boyd )

Designer Will Taylor, whose latest book “Dream Decor” launched this month, has worked as a creative consultant with major brands such as West Elm, Warner Brothers, Starbucks and Martha Stewart Living. Taylor’s lifestyle blog, Bright Bazaar, has gained more than 2 million followers since its 2009 launch. Taylor recently joined Jura Koncius on the Home Front online chat to discuss questions from fans about design trends.

Gallery walls seem here to stay: If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen several examples of a gallery wall. Taylor said he thinks gallery walls are a great way to add personality to a space, especially if there is an architectural feature you are trying to soften, such as an exposed brick wall. If you do make a gallery wall, though, Taylor suggested toning it down in other areas. “If you have a gallery wall on one wall, I’d keep your art choices more pared back elsewhere in the space.”

When choosing metallic finishes, be consistent: While brass is having a moment in the spotlight, Taylor said it is important to consider your personal style and whether you plan to sell your home in the near future before changing all your fixtures. Brass is indeed “in” at the moment, but he said it may be “out” in just a few years. He also stressed that mixing metallic finishes will be worse than having the less-fashionable choice, so choose a style you like and stick with it.

Trays are still a safe bet when styling a coffee table: “Personally, I still love to use trays and vignettes as a way to tell visual stories on coffee tables,” Taylor said, adding that much of his work at West Elm involved styling coffee tables. He suggested breaking up strong linear elements with something sculptural and eye-catching, and to remember that items look better in odd numbers rather than even.

Pink is once again the new black: “Pink is great and having a bit of a renaissance right now,” Taylor said, citing Pantone’s choice of Rose Quartz as one of the Colors of the Year as a major reason. For a sophisticated look, Taylor suggested pairing pinks with grays or even leopard prints. For something more playful and energizing, he suggested a classic pink and yellow scheme.

Designer Will Taylor, blogger at Bright Bazaar and author of “Dream Decor.” (Andrew Boyd)

“Pops of color” are great for more than design shows: While the phrase “pops of color” is casually thrown around on many design shows, Taylor said there is actually a formula. He advises sticking to a 60-30-10 rule when making color choices. Your primary color palette (60 percent) will take care of your larger surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings. The 30 percent palette is for main furniture pieces and other “soft” elements. The final 10 percent is that “pop” of color or accent color, and should be reserved for small items such as vases, table lamps and throw pillows.

Keep traditional details if you are thinking of selling: Many architectural details in older homes cause owners confusion when it comes time to renovate, but Taylor said those shopping for traditional styles will ultimately appreciate the detail. To update elements without removing them, Taylor said a simple coat of paint can be a great way to add depth to a room. If you have traditional chair rails, for example, try painting them in a tonal shade of the wall color, if not the same color.