These days, it seems as though every home featured in a design blog or magazine has a beautifully designed bar area, and it's not surprising to see why. A stocked home bar — complete with fun coasters, cocktail shakers and stirrers — lends itself to gathering, entertaining and celebrating.

"A stocked and stylish bar cart invites guests to make themselves at home," says Los Angeles-based interior designer Jessica McClendon.

As the founder of the interior design service and blog Glamour Nest, McClendon is all about creating down-to-earth spaces with a dash of decadence. She recommends building a bar area in the living room, dining room or even bedroom.

"For my busy clients who have kiddos, the bedroom can sometimes be the perfect place to unwind with a cocktail after everyone else goes to bed," says McLendon. "It may be unconventional, but it's an easy reminder to kick back and relax."

Here are her top bar accessories.

SPLURGE: Harmonie round whiskey decanter ( ), left. SAVE: Stud decanter ( ).

SPLURGE: Two Kivita coasters in crystal and gold ( ), left. SAVE: Two slivered geode coasters in white quartz ( ).

SPLURGE: Modern shagreen desk tray in dove ( ), left. SAVE:White rim lacquer trays (rectangle) in slate ( ).

SPLURGE: Four Curvature DOF glasses ( ), left. SAVE: Four Soiree double old-fashioned glasses ( ).

SPLURGE: 22-ounce Rabbit cocktail shaker ( ), left. SAVE: 18-ounce stainless steel gold mini cocktail shaker ( ).

SPLURGE: Gold glitter star drink stirrer ( ), left. SAVE: Plastic "Cheers" script swizzle sticks/cocktail picks in gold ( ).

Los Angeles-based designer Jessica McClendon. (Laure Joliet)