A cottage bathroom redesigned by Jeff Devlin during an episode of HGTV’s “I Hate My Bath.” (HGTV)

Are you ready for a change? There are some things you should consider before taking a sledgehammer to your bathroom.

Jeff Devlin, host of HGTV’s “I Hate My Bath,” offered advice on bathroom and kitchen renovations and more during our recent Home Front chat.

Here are some of his things to do before you start a renovation:

●Start with a a plan regardless of your budget. You can try using your own design software, such as Google’s SketchUp, or use a retailer’s free design services. If you can, however, he suggests working with a designer.

“I do believe in certified designers because I want to spend my money smartly,” Devlin said.

●If you have a serious problem such as mold or a sagging floor, don’t put off a renovation. “The longer you put it off, the more of a risk of it costing more money in the future,” Devlin said.

●Start your research online to get inspiration from other renovations and narrow your choices, and then take pictures to the store to better explain what you want. “Communication is everything, so best to figure out where to start from.”

●If you want a bathroom that’s easy to clean, choose materials that are nonporous. “Sometimes that means you have to spend a little more money, but less maintenance is great.”

●Trends come and go, so look for timeless design choices. “This renovation should be for you,” Devlin said. “You are paying for it. You need to be educated to make sure you are making smart decisions, but if you continue with trends then you will find yourself with a pink toilet and shag carpet from the ’70s.”


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