Mariella Cruzado has always understood the importance of a comfortable and organized space, but the founder and lead designer of Splendor Styling in the D.C. area said that idea came into sharp relief during the pandemic, with so much time spent at home.

“I realized how important it is to have a home that we truly love and enjoy,” Cruzado said in a phone interview. “I knew that before. It’s been my job for a long time, but it turned into a more meaningful thing.”

That’s even true in the bathroom, where crisp, white towels and coordinating marble accessories can create a sense of calm and order as you start your day, Cruzado said.

“If you go to your bathroom and everything is on the floor and the colors don’t match, or there’s dingy brown or blue towels, it’s going to create a sensation of mess and put you in a mood before you even realize it,” she said. “That’s why it’s so important to keep personal spaces clean and organized.”

We asked Cruzado to suggest items that can enhance storage and organization in any bathroom, while also being visually appealing. Here are her top picks.

Trays can help corral the items you use every day. Cruzado likes the sleek lines and polished look of the Ashling bathroom accessory tray ($39.99, The 10-by-6-inch tray, made of Italian marble, is small enough to fit on the back of a toilet.

Although a soap dispenser isn’t necessarily an organizing tool, Cruzado likes using matching accessories to reduce visual clutter. Natural materials, such as the marble in Project 62’s white soap/lotion dispenser ($14.99,, add an organic feeling to any room, Cruzado said.

Cruzado likes to add metallic finishes, particularly gold tones, to any room she designs. For the bathroom, try the Jardin brass ring dish ($24.95, on the counter to hold rings while you wash your hands, or use it as a decorative soap dish.

A hamper with a lid will help keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy. The Lupe gray braided hamper ($119.95, is 17 by 24 inches and is also available with a cotton liner ($139.90).

“Decorative items don’t have to be complicated,” Cruzado said. Pottery Barn’s classic glass bathroom canisters ($19.50-$44.50, come in a range of sizes and can store cotton swabs, cotton balls, small soaps and more. They are made of blown glass and can be monogrammed for an extra fee.

In a small space, you have to make every piece count, Cruzado said — even your trash can. She likes Kassatex’s St. Honore wastebasket ($62,, with its hexagonal shape, to elevate a bathroom. It’s made of porcelain with gold trim.

To squeeze in some extra storage, Cruzado suggests using a small shelf in a corner for everyday items or a grouping of shelves on the wall for towels and washcloths. Try the Lambeth knurled glass shelf ($185,, which is 22 inches long and 5¾ inches deep. It’s available in five metallic finishes.

Another storage option, particularly for renters or others who don’t want to make holes in their walls, is an over-the-toilet shelving unit, such as the Otha space-saver ($243.99, The 27¼ -by-73-by-11-inch piece comes in either a gold or oil-rubbed bronze finish.

For a clean, uncluttered look, Cruzado suggests ditching the cardboard box that tissues come in and using a clear acrylic container instead. She recommends the Yamazaki clear tissue case ($24,

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