During the winter storm Tuesday afternoon, Washington Post gardening columnist Adrian Higgins ventured out to the Tidal Basin to check on Washington’s famed cherry blossoms. The area accumulated three inches of snow, and there was a coating of ice on the blossoms. Higgins answered what many people are wondering: Are they going to make it? His answer: The next few days will be the test. “They do have a natural mechanism against immediate frost,” he said. The bigger problem is the temperature might dip into the 20s over the next few nights. Cherry blossoms can take a bit of frost, but once it gets below 28 degrees there will be damage. Dip to the low 20s? “They are going to be walking this tightrope if they are going to actually survive or not.”

Higgins answered viewers’ questions on Facebook Live. Take a look.

Ice covers cherry blossoms near the Jefferson Memorial after a snowstorm hit the District on Tuesday. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)