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Forget winter white. This neon kid’s room will warm your heart.

Lissi Walker’s colorful kid’s room. (Lissi Walker)

Winter can be gloomy and drab, but your home doesn’t have to be. Take Lissi Walker’s color-drenched kid’s room.

We discovered the design on Walker’s Instagram feed, which is chock-full of radiant and cheery red, pink, yellow and orange interiors from her home in Leicestershire, England.

The youthful space was recently converted from a nursery to a toddler’s bedroom, and Walker wanted it to reflect her daughter’s personality while also allowing her to easily access and enjoy her bed, books and toys. To create a colorful and curated look, Walker kept the room’s walls neutral and accessories vibrant. “I try to pick out the same accent colors at different points around the room, so that wherever you look it feels deliberate and not chaotic,” Walker, a primary-school teacher and interior designer, wrote in an email.

Although she often goes with just her instincts, she will sometimes create a mood board with fabrics and magazine clippings to make sure the finished look is cohesive. When in doubt, she advises, “Strip it all back, then add your favorite items back in one by one until you’re happy with the look.”

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The centerpiece of the room, the statement sofa, was inspired by Walker’s daughter, who had outgrown her baby pink accessories but still wanted the room to incorporate her favorite color. It’s “the perfect spot to snuggle up for a bedtime story,” Walker says. She bought it from a British retailer, but approves of Madison Home USA’s modern love seat ($251, ). Walker paired it with a soft, bright yellow pouf from Homesense in Britain for added color, comfort and character. For a similar look, try Opalhouse’s Poppy ottman in yellow velvet ($119.99, ).

To keep the room fun and age-appropriate, she incorporated bright orange velvet cushions ($9.99 each for cushions and covers, ) and rainbow-hued bookshelves. “I had seen these picture ledges used as displays for books and loved the idea,” Walker wrote. “It’s so much easier for younger children to choose the book they want when they recognize the cover.” They also “look great with a mixture of prints and soft toys on them,” she added. To create the color-coordinated look, she used five white Mosslanda picture ledges ($9.99, ).

To balance out the bold punches of color, she incorporated a fluffy, white Skold sheepskin rug ($249, ) and a white-and-black “Be You” graphic print from Quirks and Prints. (The London store doesn’t ship internationally, but you can find similar prints from Etsy seller Rain City Design Co. for $5.55.) She also added a bright, eye-catching side table from Homesense. Finnhomy’s collapsible, metal mint green folding table ($26.99, ) offers a similar look.

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