Decorator Connie Newberry worked with architect Sam Mitchell on this traditional kitchen with modern twists. (Paul Whicheloe)

My renovation is now almost 15 years old, and there is little I would change, but recently two of my friends underwent renovations of their own, and it’s hard to not have a little kitchen envy.

●Decorator Connie Newberry worked with architect Sam Mitchell to give a slightly modern twist to a traditional kitchen. What would I steal? The inventive use of milk glass on the walls and backsplash (Newberry says to use low iron glass or it looks green, not white), the disc pendant lights from Holly Hunt and the way Mitchell designed the upper cabinets to rest on the base cabinets, which gives the kitchen a sleeker look.

In this kitchen designed by Suzanne Oliver and Leslie Gill, the counter of Irish Connemarble is a show stopper. (Leslie Gill)

●My friend Suzanne Oliver worked with architect Leslie Gill on a distinctly modern design. You can’t help but be bowled over by the way that the Irish Connemarble stone counter wraps down the side of the cabinet to the floor. I also like the clean Corian cabinets — they do not have hardware, but rather cut-out handles. And lastly, Suzanne’s back-painted glass backsplash is magnetic, so she can easily hang up a recipe while cooking.

— Elizabeth Mayhew