The kitchen features a double sink and two dishwashers so two people can help clean up after a meal. (Katherine Frey)

The goal of a family beach house is to be a fun place to hang out. But there have to be a few rules for maintaining order and comfort as a sandy crowd moves in and out.

In Bethany Beach, Del., three generations of the Bobb family recently rebuilt their beach property to accommodate their swelling numbers. The place is called Camp Bobb and its 2016 Rules and Regulations have been shared with all 20 family members, ages 8 to 81. The list include guidelines for sunscreen spraying (not on the deck, as it will stain), dishes (you are responsible for your own and feel free to do any dishes in the sink at any time), dryers (clean the lint screen after each use) and trash (pick it up even if it’s not yours). If you use one of the three outdoor showers, remember this: “Please remove all of your suits, towels, underwear, etc. when you are done. It is not appealing to family and guests to use our beautiful new showers and have to stare at your boxers or underwear while we shower.”

Stocking and maintaining a home for 20 and their guests requires a lot of thoughtful planning. Maryland designer Jodi Bobb Macklin and her family have come up with some great suggestions for anyone sharing a vacation home.

Each bedroom has its own laundry bin. (Katherine Frey)

A cabinet keeps beach supplies — sunscreen, towels, kites and other toys — within easy reach. (Katherine Frey)

1. Create a beach command center. A closet on the beach level holds sunscreen, a first-aid kit and stacks of beach towels. A washer and dryer are accessible through a door so that sandy, soggy beach towels can go right into a washing machine and not be dragged through the house. (Another washer-dryer pair is on the second floor.) There is also a foot shower and a bathroom here.

2. Provide a laundry bin for each bedroom. Camp Bobb rules state that everyone should put all laundry in a designated basket, not on the floor. “No clothes on the floor and everything put away behind the doors of the walk-in closets,” she says. Jodi ordered colorful woven baskets with handles to serve as stylish hampers. The basket colors coordinate with the colors of the bedding and the bathroom tiles in each room.

3. Build in a dedicated charging station. In the old beach house, cellphones and laptops were plugged in all over the kitchen counters. In the new place, Jodi requested a couple of shelves in the kitchen pantry with electrical outlets accommodating multiple chargers. Because the house rule is no phones at the dinner table, this is the ideal place to recharge during meals.

4. Make it easy for everyone to pitch in. In the kitchen, Jodi installed a 50-inch stainless-steel Waterworks double sink with two faucets. There is a dishwasher and built-in trash can on either side of the sink. Two lucky family members can rinse and load dishes at the same time. And yes, both dishwashers are full if all 20 family members have a meal together.

5. Buy the same color towels and sheets. The family ordered 60 white bath towels and 40 blue-and-white striped beach towels. This keeps things simple and organized in the linen closet and the washing machine. Jodi dressed all the beds in Kmart’s Jaclyn Smith 400-thread-count sateen sheets — again, all white. “They keep us cool even on the hottest of summer nights,” Macklin says.