As we head into the Stars and Stripes season, we also enter a time of nostalgia. We think back to the better days of childhood picnics and pool parties as we celebrate our country’s founding.

So we turn to a look that speaks to a vintage era and reflects our unquenchable thirst for the yesteryears — especially at a time of economic strain. Here we find pieces that commemorate the reason for this season, but are essentially season-less. These red, white and blue home accessories don’t need to be put away after July 4.

“One of the great things about this period’s approach to Americana is that it can be used as an accent in any sort of decor, whether it’s a picture of an American flag or ticking stripe on a sofa that harkens back to a simpler time,” says Todd Martz, one of the partners at the Washington Design Center’s AmericanEye showroom.

Also consider rusticated pieces, old signage, or old pieces of ironwork for your contemporary interiors, Martz suggests, for added depth and warmth.

Roberts is a freelance writer.