“I like seeing [Lucinda Wharton’s] feed especially when I want to distract myself in a good way,” says interior designer Raji Radhakrishnan. (Lucinda Wharton )

A (fabulous) picture is worth a thousand Instagram followers.

Designers, style seekers and anyone who loves flipping through beautiful photos embraced the social media site that distributes more than 60 million images every day.

“Instagram is kind of like my best friend right now,” says Raji Radhakrishnan, an interior designer with offices in Washington and New York. “I love, love, love it.”

Radhakrishnan says that for people like her, Instagram is perfect, while Twitter is better for those focused on words.

“You can post a photograph and don’t have to say a word,” she says. “It relaxes me, and it’s inspirational.” Looking at photos of her favorite ’grammers transports her to new places. The feedback she gets on her own Instagram photos serves as a design focus group.

And it’s addictive. “I can’t help clicking on it three or four times a day,” Radhakrishnan says.

She is not alone. So we’re starting a series in which we are going to feature the favorite feeds of influential people in the design world: decorators, bloggers, editors, entertainers and dreamers.

Check out the feeds of Radhakrishnan and four other stylish people, as well as the accounts that they look to for their daily design fix.

Raji Radhakrishnan , @rajirmdesign

Washington and New York interior designer recommends:

Lucinda Wharton’s @lucindawhartonartist

Radhakrishnan says: “Lucinda’s feed is like peeking into parts of the old countryside of Britain but with a fresh, youthful and modern perspective. Her photos are not only of interiors but the beautiful country landscape, very soulful and inspiring, making me want to get out there more and travel, get away! I like seeing her feed especially when I want to distract myself in a good way.”

Mitchell Owens, @adaesthete

Architectural Digest decorative arts and antiques editor recommends:

Miguel Flores-Vianna’s @miguelfloresvianna

Owens says: “A photographer whose catholic appreciation of grit and graciousness, neoclassical buildings, woebegone gardens, fragments of Iznik tiles and well-traveled aristos, who might be low on cash but are rich in experiences, is very much attuned to my own bohemian nature.”

Jennifer Boles , @thepeakofchic

Editor of design blog The Peak of Chic and author of “In With the Old: Classic Decor From A to Z” recommends:

David Ducan’s @Davidduncan247

Boles says: “Manhattan antiques dealer David Duncan’s Instagram feed is filled with archival photos of the chicest of chic interiors from the 1930s onward. Think rooms by Elsie de Wolfe and Madeleine Castaing.”

Sheila Bridges , @harlemtoilegirl

New York interior designer and designer of home furnishings recommends:

Paul Octavious’s @pauloctavious

Bridges says: “Beautiful and captivating photographic images of everything from travel to fashion to food. His photographs reflect a great sense of adventure as well as an uncanny sense of humor.”

I hear ya bud...?? #redthefoxdog

A photo posted by Paul Octavious (@pauloctavious) on

Alexa Hampton , @alexahamptoninc

New York interior designer recommends:

Sheema’s @Sheema713

Hampton says: “This woman is from Houston and her bio says she does painted finishes, restoration, gilding, shell art, embroidery and design. Her bio is a great clue to the type of varied images she posts on her feed. She has beautiful taste, and while the images are of all different things, her feed makes perfect sense in its demonstration of one woman’s interests and point of view.”

An image from Sheema’s account. (Sheema)

Now here is one of my own (@jurakoncius) favorites:

The Salonniere’s @thesalonniere.

Posted by Carla McDonald of Austin and Nantucket, who pens a blog of the same name, this feed is a bonbon box of beautiful photos showcasing “the art of party hosting.” There are lavish table settings, lush flowers and glamorous settings to enjoy.

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