Odestran twin duvet and pillowcase, $9.99 (Courtesy of Ikea)

The arrival of the annual Ikea catalogue on a hot summer afternoon is cause for celebration.

So when I got an e-mail today from Ikea offering a preview of the 2014 furnishings catalogue, I knew that moment was coming soon. Welcome, Strandmon wing chair and Bekvam stool. Hello, Stuva storage bench and Tranetorp table.

The Ikea catalogue is a source of inspiration for apartment dwellers, homeowners, families and serial redecorators. Besides introducing another group of cute, affordable things with unpronounceable Scandinavian names, the 2014 catalogue (326 pages and weighing almost a pound) launches an annual theme. This year it’s “All Moments Count,” highlighting the idea that the right furniture and organization can help families spend more time together. Think comfy modular sofas and toy storage bins.

The products will be flowing into the 38 Ikea stores in the United States starting next month. The 2014 catalogue — which will also be available online and as an app for smartphones and tablets beginning July 25 — marks the 63rd anniversary of the first Ikea catalogue. It will be printed in 30 languages.

Janice Simonsen, Ikea design spokeswoman, says one of the most popular interactive digital features of the online catalogue is the ability to take a photo of a room (dining room, bedroom, living room, whatever) and place Ikea pieces in there to see how they look. “Every year we are looking for new ways to present solutions for living and organization,” she says.

And what’s the hot new color this year? Turquoise, Simonsen says, still with a lot of gray and white.

If you want to get your hands on a printed copy, go to www.getmy2014catalog.com.