Money Can Buy Lipstick blogger Teresa Caruso's vanity is tucked into a corner of her bedroom. (Teresa Caruso/Money Can Buy Lipstick)

When you live in a small apartment, you have to be creative. So when beauty products and accessories kept piling up on Teresa Caruso’s bathroom counter, she decided she needed a better solution and built a vanity station in her bedroom.

“Rather than buying a traditional nightstand, I opted for a small desk that I was able to transform into a vanity with the help of a mirror and gold-accented accessories,” the Money Can Buy Lipstick blogger wrote in an email. “The area now functions as a vanity, nightstand and desk space for any late-night work.”

The bright and feminine nook, which caught our eye on Instagram, makes a statement while suiting Caruso’s styling and storage needs.

To creat the multipurpose space, she put a round decorative brass wall mirror ($49.99, ) above a simple, white midcentury-modern-style desk ($399, ).

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(Lauren Packard/

One of Caruso’s favorite ways to find good quality and affordable space-saving furniture is to scout her favorite retailers’ kids’ collections, such as Pottery Barn Kids. “Their pieces are similar to regular Pottery Barn, but they’re often a little bit smaller, which makes them slightly less expensive,” Caruso wrote in a blog post. “It’s great for people who have small apartments or homes.” That’s where she found her tufted velvet Avalon channel stitch bed frame in dusty blush ($999 for a full-size bed, ). “The color instantly caught my eye, and it definitely gives our room a more upscale look,” she added.

On her desk, she has a 5-by-7-inch “The Layers Beneath” print by Lauren Packard that she found on, a site that promotes independent artists and offers customizable mats and frames ($47, ). “I love how the artwork has plenty of texture, while still being muted,” she said in an email.



She’s paired it with Anthropologie’s faceted vanity organizer, left, to help hold her beauty essentials ($48, ) and the simple, modern Delavan tripod table lamp in brass ($39.99, ). (West Elm)

To unify the feminine pink and white palette, she bought a pink Persian-style rug ($1,399 for an 8-by-10-foot rug, ) and paired it with a neutral, textured duvet cover. And yes, her fiance is on board with the color scheme. “When I first moved in with him, and it was time to mesh our styles together, he was definitely a bit apprehensive about my feminine style,” she said. But “rather than throwing everything at him at once, I started slowly incorporating pink throughout our home, to show him that it could be done in a tasteful way.” Now, after three years of living together, she said he’s the one pointing out blush and rose-colored pieces while they’re out shopping.