A Waterworks kitchen with Belden cabinets in Grasshopper, one of 20 Waterworks colors. (Waterworks/Waterworks)
D.C. kitchen remodeling costs are back up

The average cost of a major midrange kitchen remodel in the District is $57,536, according to the 2015 Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling Magazine, returning to 2010 levels ($57,604) after a dip in costs ($53,950 in 2013 and $54,334 last year).

The reason for the District’s dip? The government shutdown and sequestration may have caused people in the Washington region to save instead of spend, Editor-in-Chief Craig Webb said, forcing contractors and remodelers to drop their labor and overhead costs.

A full kitchen renovation will vary in cost in different areas — largely because of labor, Webb said. The District is relatively cheap compared with some other large cities — the same renovation would cost an average of $70,403 in New York and $69,359 in San Francisco — but more expensive than most other areas.

“It really is labor; it’s not the cost of the products,” Webb said. “In D.C., the labor costs are going to be higher than places in the Midwest, so the cost of the overall project is going to be higher. Washington is one of the highest for spending on remodels because of the relative wealth of the area and the age of the homes.”

Ikea’s new Sektion line is here

Ikea made a splash in February with the release of its new Sektion kitchen line, after 20 years of the ubiquitous Akurum line (first released in 1995). Sektion was developed to give customers more flexibility in their design process while sticking with what was so great about the Akurum.

Both the Akurum and Sektion are installed with a wall-mounted rail system, but the Sektion linehas a modular design that lets you combine cabinets, drawers and doors in any way you like. It also features drawers within drawers and interior organizers to help de-clutter your cookware and is compatible with Ikea technology including integrated LED lighting, remote control dimming and USB outlets.

Window shop for Waterworks

Waterworks is not new to the kitchen scene, but its latest kitchen showroom in Georgetown is. The grand opening is March 26, and the company’s chief executive and creative director, Peter Sallick, said customers can expect to see something totally new. The showroom will feature kitchen vignettes and hundreds of new products, with color making a big statement throughout.

“We’ve all experienced endless numbers of very white standard kitchens for a long time,” Sallick said. “There is not a single white kitchen in the showroom.”

Think blues, greens and reds, Sallick said — but nothing trendy that will feel outdated down the line.

Keep an eye out for copper

Leah Daniels, the owner of the cookware shop and cooking school Hill’s Kitchen on Capitol Hill, said copper is creeping back into kitchens, both in hardware and accessories.

“I am not a huge fan of the copper-colored trend, but it is out there,” Daniels said. “And it isn’t just copper cookware, it is copper-colored pepper mills, accents, etc.”

Some big copper sellers at the Capitol Hill shop right now? Moscow mule mugs by Oggi ($15) and Mauviel cookware in copper finishes ($99-$460).

Daniels also said popcorn poppers are flying off the shelves. If you’re a fan of the snack, Hill’s Kitchen has an electric one by Cuisinart ($40) and a microwave popper by Lekue ($20).

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