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Four beach house entertaining essentials

By — Jura Koncius,

Kaku plates by Wasara. The News often serve hors d’oeuvres or beach lunch on these striking disposable plates of Japanese design. They are made of tree-free renewable materials and are biodegradable. $9 for 12 small plate at

Govino wine tumbler. These unbreakable wineglasses are hand-washable or disposable and have a thumb-notch for a good grip. They are made of a polymer that projects the wine’s aroma as much as crystal does. $2.50 each at

Square Chilewich place mats. New bought a set of the popular wipe-clean basket-weave place mats in denim. “I got the square shape so I could fit eight around my smaller island,” she said. $12 each at

Crate and Barrel Marin dinnerware. White Portuguese-made ceramic plates, mugs and bowls are what the News keep on their open shelving. “I love the clean look,” New said. “They look handmade, but I can always get more if I need it.” $115 for a 16-piece set at

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