Kaku plates by Wasara. (Andrew Hensler)

Kaku plates by Wasara. The News often serve hors d’oeuvres or beach lunch on these striking disposable plates of Japanese design. They are made of tree-free renewable materials and are biodegradable. $9 for 12 small plate at www.branchhome.com.

Govino wine tumbler. These unbreakable wineglasses are hand-washable or disposable and have a thumb-notch for a good grip. They are made of a polymer that projects the wine’s aroma as much as crystal does. $2.50 each at www.wallywine.com.

Square Chilewich place mats. New bought a set of the popular wipe-clean basket-weave place mats in denim. “I got the square shape so I could fit eight around my smaller island,” she said. $12 each at www.chilewich.com.

Crate and Barrel Marin dinnerware. White Portuguese-made ceramic plates, mugs and bowls are what the News keep on their open shelving. “I love the clean look,” New said. “They look handmade, but I can always get more if I need it.” $115 for a 16-piece set at www.crateandbarrel.com.