Let’s forget about floor plan and storage issues for a moment and tackle the most pressing small space question: Should the wall color be light or dark?

According to our design experts, the answer is more about personal preference than it is about right or wrong.

“I think it really depends on the feeling you’re after in a room,” says Herndon designer Lauren Liess. If you want the room to feel larger, go with a lighter color, she says. If you want it to feel intimate and cozy, and maybe a little moody, go darker.

“Light or dark depends on the space, says Alexandria designer Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey. “I love dark in rooms where I want to create a mood such as a small bath, library, foyer or small kitchen that I want to feel sexy. Dark will make other spaces feel much smaller and less optimistic, such as the bedroom or family room.”

If it’s a room that’s only used occasionally, like a powder room or a small entry foyer, Silver Spring designer Charles Almonte prefers dark paint or bold wallpaper for a little drama. “But if it is a bedroom or a kitchen,” he says, “I prefer lighter colors so it doesn’t feel claustrophobic.”

D.C. designer Nestor Santa-Cruz says a dark, patterned wallpaper would be a great choice for a small bedroom. “I love dark colors in small rooms,” he says. “They feel cozy, visually sophisticated.”

Whether you decide on a light or dark color, keep this tip in mind: Painting the walls, trim and ceiling the same color can make the room feel more spacious.

And remember, the space is yours. Chose a shade that makes you happy.

“Paint the color you want,” says Vienna designer Margery Wedderburn. “Small rooms should not inhibit you from having your way with wall color. Enjoy the room for what it is and for the colors you dream of having.”