Newscaster Wendy Rieger likes to paint her house the colors of Key West. (Andrew Hensler)

Wendy Rieger rattles off her home’s paint colors like favorite gelato flavors. Think Melon Popsicle or Amethyst Cream.

She likes to change out her colors, usually hiring painters each spring to refresh a few rooms and sometimes picking up a brush or roller herself to revive an outdoor chair. The outside of the house takes a beating from the elements, so it’s frequently in need of a touch-up.

She wasn’t always fearless about color. “When I first got to the house, I wanted it to be a beach house and I painted it all Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White,” Rieger says. “I didn’t want the home to distract from the water.”

Soon, she couldn’t stand it. Colors slowly evolved in bits. “I have so many windows, so when you don’t have a lot of wall space, you can go rich and intense,” she says.

“Color is in­cred­ibly emotional,” says Rieger. She’s always getting inspired. Once dining on a porch in Key West, Fla., she looked up and saw a pale green ceiling. She called her painter as soon as she got home, and now the color is on one of her bathroom ceilings.

Her friends tease her about her serial painting habit. “They say: ‘Are you painting again? You’ve painted so many times, you’ve reduced the square footage of your house,’ ” Rieger says.

Here are some of her current favorites. Note: When she uses Benjamin Moore, it’s usually the environmentally friendly line known as Aura.

·Exterior: Popcorn Kernel by Benjamin Moore.

·Front Door: Tropical Pool by Benjamin Moore; Amethyst Cream by Benjamin Moore.

·Living room and Dining room: Bleeker Beige by Benjamin Moore.

·Kitchen: Honeymoon by Benjamin Moore, Tropical Pool by Benjamin Moore.

·Violet Bouquet by American Pride.

·Kitchen ceiling: Suntan Yellow by Benjamin Moore.

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