Our favorite Washington Post illustrations of 2022

Art directors at The Washington Post commissioned work from hundreds of artists in 2022 to illustrate a range of topics, including arts, travel, wellness, climate change, inflation, politics, abortion, Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Russia’s war in Ukraine, Twitter and the soccer World Cup. The following showcase represents artwork from around the world, along with links to stories in which the illustrations originally appeared in print and online.

Pandemic love, lost and found’ by artist Alaina Johnson | Art director: Betty Chavarria

10 ways to start running even if you kind of hate it’ by artist Luis Mazón | Art director: Chelsea Conrad

Less attractive, less picky: How mating is changing in a hotter world’ by artist Dan Woodger | Art director: Emily Sabens

Rising rent: Why prices are only going higher’ by artist Studio Mals | Art director: Emily Wright

Summer theater is cropping up in unexpected places’ by artist Pierre Mornet | Art director: Alla Dreyvitser

Ditch Your Grocery Store. Go Foraging Instead.’ by artist Katty Huertas | Art director: Marissa Vonesh

Queen Elizabeth II: A visual timeline of her 70 years on the throne’ by artist Marianna Tomaselli | Art director: Frank Hulley-Jones

How to greenify all aspects of your vacation’ by artist Benji Spence | Art director: Talia Trackim

21 books to read this summer’ by artist Jentwo, a.k.a. Janejira Taechakampu | Art director: Joanne Lee

Ocean conservation success stories offer hope and inspiration’ by artist Feng Chen | Art director: Alla Dreyvitser

This teenager would sleep for alarming 20-hour stretches’ by artist Cam Cottrill | Art director: Elizabeth von Oehsen

5 money-saving tips for eating at restaurants’ by artist Christian Northeast | Art director: Christine Ashack

How to get rid of fruit flies — and stop them before they appear’ by artist Ronan Lynam | Art director: Julia Terbrock

Self-awareness can improve relationships. Here are tips to build it.’ by artist Marine Buffard | Art director: Chelsea Conrad

All the times our kids spooked the %^*! out of us’ by artist Virginia Mori | Art director: Vicky Fogg

Inflation explained: How prices took off’ by artist Anna Hrachovec | Art director: Emily Wright

Russia locked up Vladimir Kara-Murza for telling the truth about Ukraine’ by artist Nicole Rifkin | Art director: Chris Rukan

The Radicalization of J.D. Vance’ by artist Jonathan Bartlett | Art director: Christian Font

After 1 million deaths, covid leaves millions more forever changed’ by artist Hokyoung Kim | Art director: Tyler Remmel

Is crypto a house of cards?’ by artist Olivier Bonhomme | Art director: Tucker Harris

Inspired life: The best of us’ by artist Stacy Gougoulis | Art director: Dwuan June

Looking back at moments in history that resonate today’ by artist Lorenzo Petrantoni | Art director: J.C. Reed

The case for leaving America to escape racism’ by artist Diana Ejaita | Art director: Brandon Ferrill

Juan Soto and the evolution of pressure’ by artist Cris Clapp Logan | Art director: Brianna Schroer

Five preposterously positive Washington Commanders predictions for 2022’ by artist Luca Di Bartolomeo | Art director: Tyler Remmel

Kristi Yamaguchi won gold 30 years ago. American figure skating would never look the same.’ by artist Lily Qian | Art director: Virginia Singarayar

The 2022 World Cup is here. Here’s who to watch.’ by artist & art director Artur Galocha

Female bodybuilders describe widespread sexual exploitation’ by artist Tim McDonagh | Art director: Natalie Vineberg

His family fished for generations. Now he’s hauling plastic out of the sea.’ by artist Stef Wong | Art director: Hailey Haymond

25 years on, dad and daughter return to ‘Lion King.’ Cue the tears.’ by artist Jin Xia | Art director: Joanne Lee

Where to watch the World Cup in D.C.’ by artist Ali Kamara | Art director: José L. Soto

How many basketballs can you find?’ by artist Greg Kletsel | Art director: Chloe Meister

Messi’s likely last World Cup inspires hope in a beleaguered Argentina’ by artist Robert Bruno | Art director: Michael Domine

Gen Z workers demand flexibility, don’t want to be stuffed in a cubicle’ by artist Jiaqi Wang | Art director: Chloe Meister

Holiday stress falls more heavily on moms. Here’s how some opt out.’ by artist & art director María Alconada Brooks

The power of reclaiming my Asian name’ by artist Sally Deng | Art director: Clare Ramirez

Joe Biden is no Jimmy Carter. He should wish he was.’ by artist Katty Huertas | Art director: Andy Braford

Putin’s centuries-long march into Ukraine’ by artist Johanna Goodman | Art director: Beth Broadwater

How a root cellar saved my Ukrainian family when the war came’ by artist Zoë van Dijk | Art director: Christine Ashack

Trust me, take a cab in a new city’ by artist Min Heo | Art director: Katty Huertas

Why we feel ‘mom guilt’ — and how to stop’ by artist James Steinberg | Art director: Vicky Fogg

We thought our dog was having a stroke. She was stoned.’ by artist & art director Elizabeth von Oehsen

Queen Elizabeth II did her job’ by artist Zé Otavio | Art director: Alla Dreyvitser

Winter outlook: Another lousy season for D.C. snow lovers’ by artist Rosanna Tasker | Art director: J.C. Reed

The Webb telescope is astonishing. But the universe is even more so.’ by artist W.R. | Art director: Stephanie Hays

Which fruits and vegetables should and shouldn’t be stored together’ by artist Melanie Lambrick | Art director: Natalie Vineberg

Your first brush with coronavirus could affect how a fall booster works’ by artist Melanie Lee | Art director: Tara McCarty

‘Diablo IV’ developers work long hours, bracing for impending release’ by artist Rebekka Dunlap | Art director: Kat Rudell-Brooks

No, I will not switch airplane seats with you’ by artist Monique Wray | Art director: Clare Ramirez

RIP, Choco Taco, a triumph of culinary kid logic’ by artist & art director Alexis Arnold

Book club: Fantasy meets Dominican history in ‘Pilar Ramirez’’ by artist Allison Colpoys | Art director: Twila Waddy

Visual: Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony from the Jan. 6 hearing’ by artist Lara Antal | Art director: Rachel Orr

The unwritten rights issue’ by artist Rima Day | Art director: Marissa Vonesh

These comics show: There is no typical abortion story’ by artist Ana Galvañ | Art director: María Alconada Brooks

How women’s lives were different before Roe v. Wade’ by artist Mallory Heyer | Art director: Cece Pascual

What will happen to America if Trump wins again? Experts helped us game it out.’ by artist David Szauder | Art director: Marissa Vonesh

Your guide to the 2022 midterm elections’ by artist & art director Lucy Naland

Ask Dr. Andrea: I always say I want to make big life changes. How can I follow through?’ by artist María Corte | Art director: María Alconada Brooks

Spring cleaning 2022’ by artist Dola Sun | Art director: Andy Braford

Build your best salad with our custom generator’ by artist Michelle Rohn | Art director: Christine Ashack

How Elon Musk became a new kind of celebrity’ by artist Scott Anderson | Art director: Beth Broadwater

Twitter king Dril on Musk’s chaotic reign’ by artist & art director Anna Lefkowitz

Oven fires and cats in turkeys: Your Thanksgiving cooking disasters’ by artist Tara Jacoby | Art director: Cece Pascual

2022 Holiday Gift Guide’ by artist Sean Dong | Art director: Katty Huertas

Art with a point: ‘Superhero Movies, Assemble!’’ by artist Dom McKenzie | Art director: Clare Ramirez

Why pursue a career in the humanities?’ by artist Ayuko Hoshino | Art director: Christian Font

The pandemic was hard on office suck-ups. Now they’re back and ready to schmooze.’ by artist Kristian Hammerstad | Art director: Beth Broadwater

Here’s what our reviewers say about the new Christmas weekend movies’ by artist David De Ramón | Art director: José L. Soto

Dads answer: What does it mean to be a man?’ by artist Mark Thomas | Art director: Chelsea Conrad

Want to drink less in 2023? These habit-tracking apps can help’ by artist & art director: Elena Lacey

Sibylle Berg’s ‘Grime’ is a wicked satire of where we’re headed’ by artist & art director Laura Padilla Castellanos

Can this quirky Naval poetry tradition make a comeback?’ by artist Tara Anand | Art director: Brandon Ferrill

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