Newbery winner offers 5 favorite kids’ books of 2022

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(The Washington Post/Courtesy Donna Barbra Higuera/Levine Querido/ HarperCollins/ Little, Brown/Candlewick/Algonquin)
(The Washington Post/Courtesy Donna Barbra Higuera/Levine Querido/ HarperCollins/ Little, Brown/Candlewick/Algonquin)

What does winter look like? Draw a picture to show us.

Kids ages 5 to 13 are invited to create original artwork for KidsPost’s print and online editions.

Pickleball is a hit with kids, but interest in team sports drops

The Aspen Institute’s new ‘State of Play 2022’ report shows positives but also disappointing trends in youth sports.

Georgia voters elect Warnock, helping Democrats’ control of Senate

Warnock’s reelection will give the Democratic Party 51 seats in the U.S. Senate compared with Republicans’ 49.
  • 23 hours ago

Newbery winner offers 5 favorite kids’ books of 2022

Donna Barbra Higuera, author of “The Last Cuentista,” picks adventure, fantasy and books that made her cry this year.
  • 1 day ago

Congress gives gold medals to police who defended the Capitol

Law enforcement officers fought off a crowd aiming to stop Congress from making the 2020 presidential election results official.
  • 1 day ago

Kids’ art at the National Christmas Tree highlights beauty of the U.S.

Students from D.C., every state and territory, and several military bases designed the ornaments to hang on trees in the Pathway of Peace.
  • 2 days ago

Nobel Prizes started when one scientist chose to honor other innovators

Alfred Nobel, chemist and inventor of dynamite, left most of his fortune to create prizes for work that helps humans worldwide.
  • 3 days ago

Sports all have flaws, but kids can still find ones that are good matches

If baseball is too slow, try watching hockey. Or follow the amazing athletes of the NBA. There’s a game for every kid to watch and play.

United Nations puts France’s baguette on cultural heritage list

Traditional bakeries, which have been selling the simple bread for a century, are disappearing. The organization wants to preserve the process of making baguettes.
  • Nov 30

Fan-favorite book and animated characters on-screen this holiday season

Check out these five movies for kids released this holiday season.
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Drawing up a storm

KidsPost weather art gallery

A showcase of daily weather illustrations created by KidsPost readers.
  • Jan 10, 2020
Gallery of the Week

Preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi are in full swing

The Hindu festival that celebrates the annual arrival of the god Ganesha to earth will begin Wednesday.
  • Aug 30

Canines catch waves at the 2022 World Dog Surfing Championship

Check out these four-legged surfing photos!
  • Aug 9

A Hawaii national park is given Pohue Bay to protect and manage

Pohue Bay is home to endangered species and culturally significant sites.
  • Jul 15

In Kenya, almost 10 years of tending to mangroves pays off

The Mikoko Pamoja project restores and conserves mangrove in Gazi Bay, Kenya.
  • Jul 1

At the 2022 Westminster Dog Show, a bloodhound takes the top prize!

Trumpet the bloodhound may be top dog but he had some cute competitors.
  • Jun 24

What is a supermoon?

The June 14 'strawberry moon' was the 2nd of 4 supermoons this year.
  • Jun 17

Platinum Jubilee marks Queen Elizabeth II's 70-year reign

Britain celebrates the queen's milestone with a parade and a weekend of festivities.
  • Jun 2, 2022