Ocean conservation success stories offer hope and inspiration

  • 3 days ago
(Feng Chen For The Washington Post)
(Feng Chen For The Washington Post)

To protect the ocean, some ships harness renewable energy

Wind power is one of the ways companies aim to reduce the carbon dioxide that’s harming the ocean.
  • 1 day ago

Creative minds repurpose plastics to keep trash out of the ocean

Mattel, Patagonia and other companies and organizations are making toys, clothes and gear from recycled plastic to keep it out of the ocean.

Innovations keep unintended fish and other animals out of nets

Reducing bycatch, or animals caught by accident, is one of the ways to make fishing sustainable.
  • 2 days ago

Science and sisterhood: Creating a network to tackle plastics problem

The nonprofit eXXpedition hosts all-female voyages to study ocean plastics and work on solutions.

New books encourage deeper understanding of the ocean

Authors suggest ways for kids to get involved and help undo the damage.
  • 3 days ago

Protecting coral reefs: Strategies target disease and pollution

Scientists try to breed coral that resists disease and a warming ocean. Others combat wastewater and soil runoff.
  • 3 days ago

Marine biologist Asha de Vos says kids can help save the ocean now

De Vos was a marine biology pioneer in her native Sri Lanka. She’s helping kids use their voices for ocean conservation.

Ocean conservation success stories offer hope and inspiration

New technologies and research are helping solve problems such as plastic pollution, bycatch and ocean acidification.

Mystics will have tough start to WNBA playoffs

Washington may face the Seattle Storm, led by Breanna Stewart, in the opening round.
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Canines catch waves at the 2022 World Dog Surfing Championship

Check out these four-legged surfing photos!
  • Aug 9

A Hawaii national park is given Pohue Bay to protect and manage

Pohue Bay is home to endangered species and culturally significant sites.
  • Jul 15

In Kenya, almost 10 years of tending to mangroves pays off

The Mikoko Pamoja project restores and conserves mangrove in Gazi Bay, Kenya.
  • Jul 1

At the 2022 Westminster Dog Show, a bloodhound takes the top prize!

Trumpet the bloodhound may be top dog but he had some cute competitors.
  • Jun 24

What is a supermoon?

The June 14 'strawberry moon' was the 2nd of 4 supermoons this year.
  • Jun 17

Platinum Jubilee marks Queen Elizabeth II's 70-year reign

Britain celebrates the queen's milestone with a parade and a weekend of festivities.
  • Jun 2

Bleaching continues to affect coral reefs

Another mass bleaching event plagues Australia?s Great Barrier Reef.
  • May 11