(Illustration by Susana Sanchez-Young/The Washington Post)

Our annual year-end news quiz drew responses from more than 100 very careful KidsPost readers, and 11 of you got all the answers correct. Because there can be only one winner, we put the names of all those who had perfect scores in a hat and drew a winner at random. Emily Key, 11, of Burke gets a prize package that includes puzzles, books and games as well as four tickets to a VIP performance of “Anime Momotaro” on February 2 at Imagination Stage in Bethesda.

Here are the names of the other readers who got all the answers correct. For their careful reading, they each get tw o tickets to the performance of “Anime Momotaro”: Connor Arnold , 8, Cross Junction, Virginia; Nick Barbot , 11, Silver Spring; Laura Bettenhausen , 10, Arlington; Rosa Kirk-Davidoff , 13, Columbia; Will Klepper , 11, and Audrey Klepper , 9, Sherwood Forest, Maryland; Didi Pace , 13, Centreville; Lana Parker , 13, Burke; Jasmine Phillips , 12, Silver Spring; Jay Raichura , 11, North Potomac.

Thanks very much to everyone who entered. And for those of you who have been dying to know, here are the answers.

}1. Characters of what animated movie were the subject of a scientific study?

KidsPost news quiz winner Emily Key. (Family photo)

D. “Finding Nemo”

}2. What show did Michelle Obama appear on?

B. “iCarly”

}3. What do popsicles, trampolines, Braille and earmuffs have in common?

B. All were invented by kids

}4. What was Jack Gantos doing when he heard he won the Newbery Medal?

C. Feeding his cat

}5. What do maned wolves, dama gazelles, giant pandas and howler monkeys have in common?

B. All were born at the National Zoo in 2012

}6. What did President Obama do during a science fair at the White House?

D. All of the above (congratulate winners; watch robots; fire a marshmallow cannon)

}7. What museum features art made of toothpicks, Pez dispensers and paper plates?

B. Visionary Arts Museum

}8. What company was criticized for building school playgrounds?

A. Coca-Cola

}9. 2012 was the 100th anniversary of which event?

B. Founding of the Girl Scouts

}10. How many times has 8-year-old beekeeper Sam Shapiro been stung?

B. Two or three times

}11. What food product was banned from school lunches?

C. Pink slime

}12. What made its final flight over Washington on April 17?

B. Shuttle Discovery

}13. What children’s author died on May 8, 2012?

C. Maurice Sendak

}14. What song was inspired by the War of 1812?

B. “The Star-Spangled Banner”

}15. What was not featured in a museum exhibit that KidsPost wrote about?

D. Traffic signs

}16. What did Madeleine Steppel, Illiana Gonzales-Evans and Sam Hightower win for coming up with healthful recipes?

D. All of the above (recipes in KidsPost, meeting Michelle Obama, a meal at the White House)

}17. Which is a way to save the Chesapeake Bay?

A. Flush the toilet less

}18. Which Washington Nationals star didn’t play in the playoffs?

C. Stephen Strasburg

}19. How many electoral college votes are needed to win the presidency?

B. 270

}20. Juliana Asturias beat 75,000 competitors to win what contest?

B. Burger King Crown Contest