Maggie Voisin, 15, is the youngest member of the U.S. Olympic team. She’s competing in one of the new events, the freestyle skiing slopestyle. (Hannah Johnston/Getty Images)

The 2014 Winter Olympics will feature 12 new events, bringing the total to 98 competitions overall. Here’s a peek at what you’ll see for the first time.

Biathlon mixed relay: Two men and two women race against the clock for this team effort that pairs cross-country skiing with target shooting.

Figure skating team event: One male skater, one female skater, one figure skating pair and one ice dance pair from each team will combine points to win the event.

Luge team relay: Women’s singles, men’s singles and men’s doubles will race one after the other for a combined time.

Ski halfpipe men’s and women’s: This daredevil event has skiers performing somersaults and other tricks on a halfpipe slope. Points are earned for difficulty, execution and variety of moves.

Freestyle skiing slopestyle men’s and women’s: Skiers face obstacles, including rails and jumps, and perform tricks while heading down the slope.

Snowboard slopestyle men’s and women’s: A similar event for snowboarders. The variety and execution of tricks and jumps earn points in this event.

Snowboard parallel slalom men’s and women’s: Two athletes race down a hill weaving in and out of gates. Then they switch sides and do it again.

Women’s ski jumping: Athletes get two jumps down a 344-foot hill. Points are awarded for distance and style.