KidsPost readers Noah Murray and Rosa Kirk-Davidoff rocked our quiz based on these books. (Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Last week KidsPost ran a quiz based on two great books, “Boys Who Rocked the World” and “Girls Who Rocked the World,” and promised a book and a Kids­Post T-shirt to the first two readers to get all the answers correct.

No one got all the answers correct, but Noah Murray, 9, of Odenton, Maryland, and Rosa Kirk-Davidoff, 13, of Columbia each missed only one question.

Here are the correct answers:

1. D. Pablo Picasso’s dad never painted again after seeing one of his son’s paintings.

2. D. Albert Einstein’s school nickname was Mr. Stupid.

3. D. Yo-Yo Ma had performed on TV, played for two presidents and written a song about a frog by the time he was 7.

4. C. Mozart’s dad found his son, 5, writing his first piece of music.

5. B. Harriet Tubman helped a slave escape to freedom.

6. B. Maya Lin got a “B” on her project that became the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

7. B. When she was 5, Golda Meir refused to eat to protest the treatment of Jewish people.

8. A. Mary Anning was 11 when she discovered one of the first skeletons of an Icthyosaurus.