(Rogelio Solis)

In Sunday’s KidsPost, we asked readers what they thought about a proposal in Germany to let kids vote. Here's what some readers said. Look here Tuesday for more kids’ opinions on the voting age.

→“I think the voting age should be 10 years old because you can read, listen to some news, make up your mind . . . and don’t believe superheros are real anymore.”

Shane Gardiner, 10,


→“I think kids should be allowed to vote at whatever age the parent thinks that the child is responsible enough to vote.”

Elizabeth Philpot, 10,

→“I think that a lot of kids just take their political views from their parents. . . . Kids can make a difference in elections by volunteering with their favorite candidate’s local headquarters. I think that maybe the age limit could drop to sixteen. . . . People should at least have taken a class on how the U.S. government works before they’re allowed to vote.”

— Rosa Kirk-Davidoff, 13, Columbia