Maya Schindler, 7, of the District caught the attention of the White House press secretary with a letter she wrote to President Obama. (family photo)

January seems a long time ago, doesn’t it?

But on January 21, in honor of President Obama’s inauguration, KidsPost invited readers to come to The Post building and write letters to the president with their advice for what he should do in his second term. We then sent the letters to the White House, where, understandably, the president and his advisers are pretty busy.

But recently we heard from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who told us that he found the letters “smart and thoughtful and funny and sweet.” He has passed all the letters onto President Obama but said that one letter, from 7-year-old Maya Schindler of Northeast Washington, was especially touching to him. He said that what Maya wrote “should inspire all of us.”

We’re proud to publish Maya’s letter in its entirety here and to again thank all the kids who wrote letters.

Dear Mr. President,

I think in your next term you should focus the most on security in schools and especially on gun control. I feel proud of you being elected for your second term as the first black president because you have made history and you have encouraged me that I can do anything that I think that I can do. I will donate the money that I get from the tooth fairy (from the tooth I lost on Inauguration Day morning) to control gun violence.Maya Schindler

Here are excerpts from some of the other letters kids wrote:

Dear Mr. President,

I would like there to be a special holiday everyday, like Tuesday are “Greeting Day,” . . . so you would say “Hi” to everyone you know on those days. Lucas Minc, 10

Dear Mr. President,

I wish you luck on your second term. How is Bo doing? How are Sasha and Malia? How is your wife? I met your wife at Chelsea Pier. She complimented my sneakers on how white they were!

Jazmyn Cyrus, Brooklyn, New York

Dear Mr. President,

Would you please help homeless people? They are out in the cold and wet, even on Christmas. Could you also please find a way to protect endangered animals? . . . One last thing, could you please help our country with the energy crisis because we are using up all of our natural resources.

Rachel Kulp, 10