Brevin Hunter remembered that it’s important to take shelter when you hear a warning siren. (Bonnie Miller Rubin/Chicago Tribune via MCT)

Brevin Hunter, 6, was playing on his Xbox when he heard the wail of the siren. “Please, Mom. Let’s go down in the basement.”

Lisa Hunter heard it, too. But the skies above their home in Washington, Illinois, looked calm, so she thought the siren was a drill or perhaps overly cautious officials jumping the gun.

Brevin wouldn’t let up. “Please, Mom. This is what they teach us in school. When you hear the siren, you need to go somewhere safe.”

On Sunday evening, Hunter credited her son with saving their lives. She, Brevin and her older son, Brody, 11, grabbed a futon and went to the basement just minutes before a tornado slammed into their home.

“There’s no way I would have gone if he hadn’t kept nagging me,” Hunter said.

On Monday, Brevin was modest when asked about his heroics.

“It was not so hard,” he said.

His only regret? That he had to leave his video game, Minecraft, without saving because they had to take cover so quickly. “Now I have to start over,” he said.

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