Chloe Marron, 7, of Severna Park, Maryland, is the winner of the 2013 KidsPost News Quiz. Her name was picked in a drawing of 23 kids who answered all 10 questions correctly. (Family photo)

KidsPost’s 2013 news quiz had a few tricky questions, but 23 readers were able to find all the correct answers. We put those names into a drawing for the prize package, and Chloe Marron, 7, of Severna Park was picked as the winner. Chloe won books, KidsPost goodies and four tickets to an Imagination Stage production. Thanks to everyone who entered. Here are the correct answers:

1. Ann Posegate works at Grand Canyon National Park. (A)

2. KidsPost interviewed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. (D)

3. The theme of the 2013 KidsPost Summer Book Club was Animal Adventures. (C)

4. Michael Jordan is NOT a GOAT (“Greatest of All Time”), according to columnist Fred Bowen. (B)

5. The crew of the Robert Seamans was looking for plastic in the Pacific Ocean. (C)

6. One of KidsPost’s toy testers’ favorite 2013 toys was Battroborg. (C)

7. Students at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School used “Minecraft” in social studies class. (B)

8. The crossword puzzle turned 100 years old in December. (C)

9. Greenbrier West Elementary School’s most popular club is chess. (A)

10. Paul Salopek will be walking to South America for the next several years. (D)