Danielle McCarthy’s fourth-grade class at Wyngate Elementary in Bethesda is the May Class of KidsPost. Her 30 students are very interested in sports and concerned about pollution.

Class of KidsPost will be wrapping up in June, but we will need 10 more classes next year. If you would like your class or school-based club to be featured, ask your teacher to download our questionnaire from kidspost.com, fill it out and send it, along with a class picture, to kidspost@washpost.com. If your class is chosen, we’ll send you a KidsPost Chesapeake Bay poster and KidsPost pencils.

Favorite author: Rick Riordan got the most votes, with Judy Blume in second place and Jeff Kinney tied with Roald Dahl for third. Other favorite authors included Liz Kessler, Mike Lupica, Grace Lin and Christopher Paolini.

Favorite food to have on your birthday: A party for these kids would feature sweet and savory foods from all over the world. The menu would include Cajun shrimp, fondue, Belgian french fries, sushi, Philadelphia cheesesteak and doughnuts.

Favorite game: These fourth-graders mostly mentioned sports. Soccer, baseball and football were the top three choices. Ranking fourth was the video game “Minecraft.”

Favorite field trip: This spring’s trip to the Chesapeake Bay was the unanimous choice. Students went to learn about the ecosystem of the bay and the challenges it faces. They canoed and rode in a motorboat. “They also went fishing and were able to hold fish and crabs from the bay,” McCarthy said.

Favorite TV show: The animated “Regular Show” tied with “SpongeBob SquarePants” as these kids’ favorite. Other popular choices were the game show “Wipeout,” the cartoon “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and the comedy “Good Luck Charlie.”

Favorite professional sport or youth sport: No clear winner here. Kids liked team sports — soccer, football, baseball and basketball — as well as individual sports such as tennis, snowboarding, cross country, golf and skiing.

Favorite Web site: The role-playing site Poptropica received the most votes, but there were many other favorites. Some were Disney, Webkinz, ESPN, American Girl, NFL and Brainpop.

Favorite club or hobby: These kids have a wide variety of interests. They enjoy hiking, singing, acting, building with Legos, dancing, drawing, reading and a lot of sporting activities.

What do you want to be when you grow up? There was a three-way tie for most popular: teacher, baseball player and soccer player. But more than one student also picked singer, gymnast, computer programmer and marine biologist for a career.

Biggest problem in the world, and what can kids do to solve it: Nearly two-thirds of the class picked pollution as the biggest problem. Poverty and war tied for second place. As for solutions, Andrew Berube suggested, “We need to clean up after ourselves so we don’t pollute our Earth.” Liv Pletter added, “After our field trip, I learned we should save the bay!”